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Skimming Rewards Withdraws, and Exiting now Enabled

Updated: at 04:12 PM


As of today, skimming rewards, withdraws, and exiting have been enabled for mevETH. All pending rewards accrued for mevETH holders has been distributed.

Want to keep growing your ETH in mevETH? No action is required, as mevETH is an ERC-4626 vault, where rewards compound automatically.

Skimming rewards refers to redeeming your accrued rewards in ETH. Withdraws refer to redeeming amounts less that 32 ETH. This will result in a decrease of your mevETH balance, as the ERC-4626 vault contains the rewards accrued over time. Exiting refers to anything over 32 ETH, the amount of ETH staked per validator.

All redemptions will enter a queue. ETH availability will depend on processing time.

There is a transaction assistant built-in to help users easily calculate the accrued rewards. Disabling that will enable you to withdraw portions of mevETH instead of your entire balance.

LP Pools exist on Curve and Balancer, with LP Staking available though Convex, Yearn, and Aura. Refer to the last article regarding liquidity provision.

mevETH also increased its weight distribution in yETH, and will increase to 6.98% of the basket. With Skimming, Withdrawing, and Exiting now enabled, this unlocks more potential for further integrations with other protocols.

Stay tuned for further updates, and be sure to follow along on all the MEV Protocol socials!

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